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Watermelon - star summer in 9 variants surprising

Watermelon - star summer in 9 variants surprising

One hot afternoon, nothing sounded more tempting than a slice of cold watermelon. You and desert place, and instead of the main meal. We decree watermelon week and invite you to try and otherwise than sliced​​.

Before we give you some delicious ideas you learn how to choose the best watermelon. Remember that a watermelon not ripen after being picked, so if you do not let yourself fooled asked to test your hand green squash.
The easiest and safest test is the “Woodpecker”. Knock gently with finger and if it sounds hollow and has a runny echo can be sure that you put your hand on one juicy and sweet.
Now that you are sure that you buy the best you can begin preparations.

Reinvent traditional Peruvian appetizer with these two ingredients. In a quick marinade made ​​with lime juice and chili pepper you add the flesh of tuna and before you put in the fridge, and small cubes of watermelon.

Badita Basil

Number of characters appearing in “Memories of Childhood” is relatively high, without the portrait are made ​​to be deepened in particular. Almost all are outlined briefly by direct characterization by action or language. Branch manages to sketch their individuality through technical detail, which allows it to shade characters.
Many characters are retained by lapidarele and expresivele characterizations that make the author: Smarandita a “zgatie face” Badita Basil - “hardworking and shy as a big girl” etc.. Others resemble the heroes of fairy tales: Mogorogea is quarrelsome like Frost, Nica Oslobanu seems a chiral version of the story “Stan happened.”
Are sharper portraits parents: Stephen industrious and thrifty man’s Petrii but despises teaching. As yarn is soft, but Bough praises for the pleasure of playing with the children and for their work to support his family.
Smaranda governor’s daughter and having siblings with her ​​husband teaching is deemed superior in strength of understanding of things. Typology, it is part of the classic portrait of the mother as being authoritarian, but with tact teaching manual ability reward and punishment. The absence of physical portrait focuses attention on the characterioloy. First branch evoked as a fantastic gifts being “really he knew to do many and great wonders: banish the dark clouds over our village and depart hail elsewhere, infigand ax into the ground outside the door before “etc.. Then it is seen by the way its care.


Broke the heart of the village, Nica goes to school with his grandfather in Brosteni. Here, the hero will be part of a series of adventures: the fall in Ozana, stay in the host Irinuca, filling capreasca mange, escape raft on Bistrita.
The beginning part II placed under the nostalgic lyricism, evoking heading to the family home. Mother’s face appears, with the events of childhood: the ugly New Year pupaza lime, at the beach, etc..
Revisiting interested in the extent to which they contributed to the formation of Nica, as a man, giving him an insight into the world, enriching the world of knowledge.
Dialogue with their conscience (the beginning of Part III) is a way to hide the intentions of a brilliant artist, aware of the value of their creations.
In this chapter, the hero became a teenager is still featured in following his path, the royal school student from Fair Neamt, then catechetical school of Falticeni. The writer follows the formation Nica adolescent social life in his relations with the young people were given school.
In Chapter IV, the affective ego drama remake adolescent narrator who in the fall of 1855, leaving the village to attend the seminar in Socola. This separation is uprooting HUMULESTI universe, out of the realm of the miraculous childhood. The world gets hero is lower than that just came out, and Nica here feels defenseless in the face of life and irreversible time.

Memories of Childhood

"Memories of Childhood" is the opera’s artistic maturity Bough, showing a fully formed writer with a refined style and exceptional binding capacity of a previously unknown human universe in Romanian literature.
The book is a “novel” of the innocent age and training, human modeling. Designed in a Moldovan village mountain area at mid-century, the dominant age reflects not only childhood but also specific environment. Therefore, “Childhood Memories” is a retelling of a traditional village, a true picture of a world living in the spirit habits fixed by multimillenary existence.
The main concern of the author is but evoking the golden age because if the details Nica own stance, so he just kept remembering, typologically speaking, his hero is “universal child” (G. Calinescu): “I was so age the happy and so I think they were all children when this world and the earth “.
Sources of inspiration are autobiographical, and evocation is from a distant perspective of adulthood, being dominated by an emotional impulse unruly: nostalgia.
Textual construction does not follow the rigors of classical composition. In four parts, the writer does not follow a chronological order of the facts, but selecting those moments that represent milestones in the formation of the hero.
Part I opens with the evocation school, built by Father endeavor, where he gathered a lot of boys and girls, including Nica. But children do not understand the purpose of learning, so get in but the “horse Balance” and “St. Nikolai” to urge in this regard. Nica will respond only to insistency mother and grandfather David Bough.